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  • Q1
    The demographic trend that helps explain why there has been an increase in demand for health care workers is
    the graying of America.
    that Generation X is not saving for the future.
    the declining American birthrate.
  • Q2
    What are some demographic trends that may affect your financial future?
    All answers are correct
    Baby Boomer Retirements
    Social Security
  • Q3
    What do demographic trends suggest about the future of Social Security?
    Social Security will not change in the future.
    Social Security will have to undergo some significant changes in the future.
    Social Security will have more money in the future.
  • Q4
    How might a young person use this knowledge of Social Security when building a financial plan?
    They will have to plan to rely more on personal savings for retirement.
    They will not plan to take into account saving for retirement.
    They will hope that Social Security will still be available when they are able to retire.

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