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Christmas Carol - Ghost of Christmas Past

Quiz by Steven

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  • Q1
    What does Scrooge say when he sees his young neglected self?
    Poor boy
    That's sad
  • Q2
    What does little Fan suggest when she comes to tell Scrooge a message?
    To quickly come home his teas ready.
    That Father has ordered a huge turkey.
    Father is wandering where he is?
    That father is oddly willing to let Scrooge come home for Christmas.
  • Q3
    What does this quote infer? "Your lip is trembling, and what is that upon your cheek?"
    Scrooge is hungry and wants some food.
    Scrooge has some food on his cheek from an earlier meal.
    The ghost is scaring scrooge.
    That Scrooge is now showing emotion and he is crying.
  • Q4
    How does Scrooge react when he sees his former workplace (Fezziwig?)
    Angry, he regrets his time here.
    Depressed, he didn't like how much he was paid.
    Sad, he wishes to work there again.
    Joyfully, it brings back happy memories.
  • Q5
    Why does Belle break up with Scrooge?
    Because he is an alcoholic.
    Because he changed, his new love was money.
    Because he is never home.
    Because he cheated on Belle.
  • Q6
    What does this quote infer "Spirit, remove me from this place I can't bear it."
    He has seen enough.
    He is now regretting his former life choices.
    He wants to see more.
    He is jealous of the ghosts magical powers.
  • Q7
    What might of influenced Scrooge's nasty, isolated character?
    The fact he was neglected by his friends and family.
    The fact Belle dumped him.
    The fact Fred always pesters him.
    The fact Bob always wants coal for the fire.
  • Q8
    What does Scrooge fear?
    Little Fan
    Going home to a small house.
    His boss Fezziwig
    A life doomed to poverty.

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