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#Christmas Movies

Quiz by Lindsay Foster

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    In the film, ELF, the main character's name is
  • Q2
    In the film, Home Alone, the main character, Kevin, is left home when he
    gets separated from his family
    decides not to go
    hides from his family
    falls asleep and is forgotten by his family
  • Q3
    The holiday classic film, A Christmas Story, is based on
    the author's real life experiences growing up in Indiana
    fictional characters who are not real
    fictional characters who are based on people who once lived
  • Q4
    In the film, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold is upset because his holiday bonus is replaced by
    the magazine of the month club
    the music of the month club
    the jam of the month club
    the cookie of the month club
  • Q5
    Another name for Santa Claus is
    All of these
    Father Christmas
    Pere Noel
    Saint Nicholas
  • Q6
    In, The Santa Claus, Scott Calvin becomes Santa because
    he works for a toy company
    he is transported to the North Pole
    he wishes to become Santa Claus
    he takes the coat from Santa who fell off the roof

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