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Cinderella 4.5 Fig.19D

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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  • Q1
    The stage directions [CINDERELLA cries.] are important to the play because...
    It shows that Cinderella is happy.
    It describes what Cinderella is like.
    It shows the actor where to move.
    It shows that Cinderella is very sad, frustrated, and somber.
  • Q2
    Which of the following best explains why the Mother did not want Cinderella to go to the ball?
    The Mother did not want Cinderella to be out late.
    The Father told the Mother to not allow Cinderella to go.
    She wanted one of her daughters to have a better chance of getting the attention of the Prince at the castle.
    She wanted everyone to see her daughters pretty dresses.
  • Q3
    How does the Fairy Godmother contribute to the plot of the play?
    She helps Cinderella's sisters find new dresses.
    She helps Cinderella feel better and stays at home with her.
    She helps Cinderella solve her problem.
    She goes to the ball.
  • Q4
    Which line from the play supports the idea that Cinderella is not well liked by her Mother?
    "You, my child! Aren't you too young for parties?"
    "A ball is no place for a child like you."
    "May I have a blue silk dress?"
    "I am so glad we are all invited to the ball at the Prince's palace."
  • Q5
    The playwright creates a surprise in the play by-
    Having the pumpkin prop turn into a carriage in front of an audience.
    Having the sisters talk very mean to Cinderella.
    Having the same setting for scene 1 and scene 2.
    By including stage directions in the script.
  • Q6
    Cinderella's reaction to the help from the Fairy Godmother shows that she is .....
    Selfish and wants the Fairy Godmother to go away.
    Confused about the changes.
    Thankful to be able to attend the ball.
    Annoyed that she has to follow a few rules.
  • Q7
    The Fairy Godmother gave Cinderella some rules to remember. This shows that she is....
    Caring and concerned
  • Q8
    Which line from the play supports the idea that the Mother is closer to her own daughters and not Cinderella?
    "Come, girls, it is time for us to go down town to buy our new gowns."
    'What will you do at the ball?"
    [CINDERELLA cries.]
    "Good night, Cinderella."
  • Q9
    How does Cinderella's Father contribute to the plot in the play?
    He tells the Mother to allow Cinderella to go the ball.
    He buys Cinderella's sisters pretty dresses.
    He allows the Mother to decide if Cinderella can go to the ball.
    He helps Cinderella get to the ball.
  • Q10
    Which line from the play suggests that Cinderella can have another problem at the end of scene 2?
    "Oh, what a pretty lady!"
    "Now look in the glass and tell me what you see there."
    'Yes my dear, you are all ready for the Prince's ball."
    "I want you to have a happy time but remember this."
  • Q11
    What is Cinderella's main problem in the play?
    She is shy.
    Her parents do not allow her to go to the ball.
    She does not have a dress or a way to get to the ball.
    She cannot fit the glass slippers.

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