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Cite and explain ways of using Earth’s resources sustainably

Quiz by Catherine Piduca

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38 questions
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  • Q1
    What is one way to use Earth's resources sustainably?
    Throwing away
  • Q2
    What is another way to use Earth's resources sustainably?
    Wasting energy
    Conserving energy
    Leaving lights on
    Using a lot of water
  • Q3
    What is a third way to use Earth's resources sustainably?
    Dumping pollutants into rivers
    Planting trees
    Cutting down forests
    Using chemical fertilizers
  • Q4
    What is an example of using Earth's resources unsustainably?
    Using solar power
    Planting trees
    Clear-cutting forests
    Cleaning up pollution
  • Q5
    What is a way to use water sustainably?
    Conserving water
    Using a lot of water
    Wasting water
    Dumping pollutants into rivers
  • Q6
    What is a way to use electricity sustainably?
    Burning fossil fuels
    Using renewable energy
    Using a lot of water
    Leaving lights on
  • Q7
    What is a way to use land sustainably?
    Clear-cutting forests
    Using chemical fertilizers
    Dumping pollutants into rivers
    Farming organically
  • Q8
    What is a way to use oil sustainably?
    Burning more oil
    Using a lot of oil
    Reducing consumption
    Ignoring oil spills
  • Q9
    What is a way to use natural gas sustainably?
    Burning more natural gas
    Leaving lights on
    Ignoring leaks
    Using energy-efficient appliances
  • Q10
    What is a way to use coal sustainably?
    Using a lot of coal
    Burning more coal
    Ignoring environmental impacts
    Reducing consumption
  • Q11
    What is sustainable consumption?
    Consuming more products and services than necessary
    Buying products that are cheap but made with sweatshop labor and toxic materials
    Ignoring the impact of consumerism on resource depletion and waste
    Choosing products and services that are environmentally and socially responsible
  • Q12
    What is sustainable energy?
    Using fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas
    Using renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydro power
    Ignoring the impact of climate change on the environment
    Using nuclear power, even though it produces radioactive waste
  • Q13
    What is sustainable agriculture?
    Farming methods that ignore climate change
    Farming methods that use more water and chemicals
    Farming methods that use genetically modified crops
    Farming methods that don’t deplete soil, water, and air quality
  • Q14
    What is sustainability?
    The ability to use resources as much as you want.
    The ability to maintain or keep using resources without depleting them.
    The ability to use resources only for short term gains.
    The ability to use resources regardless of the consequences.
  • Q15
    What are some examples of nonrenewable resources?
    Trees and forests.
    Fossil fuels, minerals, and metals.
    Water and air.
    Solar power and wind energy.

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