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Citing Sources

Quiz by Cheryl Taylor

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    How must a bibliography be ordered?
    Alphabetically, by title
    By date of publication, from oldest to most recent
    Alphabetically, by author's last name
    By date of publication, from most recent to oldest
  • Q2
    How are the second and third lines of a bibliography citation different from the first line?
    The first line is NOT indented, the following line(s) are
    There is no difference
    You should underline the first line, but not the rest
    The first line is indented, the following lines are NOT
  • Q3
    If one of your sources has no author listed, what should you do?
    Leave that source out of your bibliography
    Invent a name for the author of the source
    Just list the title and all other information
    Call the publisher and find out who wrote the source
  • Q4
    Select the publisher in the following citation: Kluth, Fred. Cars of 1998. Miami: The Auto Press, 1999.
    Cars of 1998
    Fred Kluth
    The Auto Press
  • Q5
    If Ms. Jennifer Wilmoth wrote a book about the Civil War, how would her name appear in a bibliography?
    Expert, Wilmoth, Jennifer
    Jennifer Wilmoth
    Wilmoth, Jennifer
    Mrs. Jennifer Wilmoth
  • Q6
    Which of the following is a telltale sign of an untrustworthy online source?
    Links to other sources
    Lots of text with very few graphics
    Grammatical mistakes
    A plain-looking logo
  • Q7
    Why is plagiarism considered cheating?
    You're giving credit to the person who actually did the work
    You're saying you did the work, when someone else actually did it
    You're pretending to be someone else
  • Q8
    When citing the date of an online source, the date is written as
    2016 May 02
    2, may 2016
    May 2, 2106
    02 May 2016
  • Q9
    Anyone can post what they want on the Internet.
  • Q10
    When ever you are using someone else's ideas, words, pictures, music or videos that is not common knowledge you must _____ include a bibliography page in your report.

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