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Quiz by Jackson Renberg

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    This was the first Constitution of the United States and it gave the states most of the power.
    Magna Carta
    Declaration of Indpendence
    Articles of Confederation
  • Q2
    The uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt.
    Shays' Rebellion
    Pontiac's rebellion
    Revolutionary War
    Civil War
  • Q3
    Some problems that led the change of the Articles of Confederation were which of the following
    President had too much power
    National government couldn't collect taxes from the states
    States were upset with their power
    None of the following
  • Q4
    ________ was held in May 1787 in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall to improve the Articles of Confederation.
    Articles of Confederation Committee
    Shays' Rebellion
    Constitutional Convention
    First Continental Congress
  • Q5
    A settlement of a dispute with a mutual agreement is which of the following?
    Executive agreement
    All of the following
  • Q6
    Which of the following was a n agreement that counted each enslaved person three-fifths of a person for both representation and taxation.
    Great Compromise
    Virginia Plan
    Slave Compromise
    Three-Fifths Compromise
  • Q7
    Which plan called for a bicameral(two-house) legislature that was chosen by state representation.
    New Jersey Plan
    Great Compromise
    Virginia Plan
    Three-Fifths Compromise
  • Q8
    Which plan gave each state an equal number of votes in the federal government?
    New Jersey Plan
    Great Compromise
    Virginia Plan
    Three-Fifths Compromise
  • Q9
    ___________ was an agreement to create a two-house legislature with one based on equal representation and one based on population.
    Three Fifths Compromise
    Virginia Plan
    New Jersey Plan
    Great Compromise

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