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Civics EOC Review Practice

Quiz by Belonde Jean Louis

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  • Q1
    Baron de Montesquieu
    The Enlightenment idea of the separation of powers was developed by
  • Q2
    Natural Law
    John Locke's theory that certain truths in society come from and are governed by nature is known as the theory of
  • Q3
    People gave up some of their rights to government in order to have better lives and protection.
    Describe John Locke's theory of social contract.
  • Q4
    Magna Carta
    This document guaranteed that not even the king or queen was above the law.
  • Q5
    Established thought that individual rights should be listed and protected
    Explain the significance of the English Bill of Rights on the development of the U.S. constitution.
  • Q6
    Mayflower Compact
    What was the first document that established self-government by creating a direct democracy in the colonies?
  • Q7
    Common Sense
    This pamphlet was used to persuade members of the Second Continental Congress and justified the ideals and reasons for independence from Great Britian.
  • Q8
    Boston Tea Party, boycott, protest, literature, Common Sense
    Give specific examples of colonial responses to English Policies.
  • Q9
    Taxation without respresentation, forced quartering violation of BR
    What concerns of the colonists led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence?
  • Q10
    Colonists felt that England was not protecting their rights, taxing without representation, abusing power
    What were the main complaints/arguments against Britian in the Declaration of Independence?
  • Q11
    Natural Rights
    John Locke's theory of ___________ guaranteed that all individuals are entitled to basic rights such as life, liberty, and property.
  • Q12
    Articles of Confederation, a confederal system (no central government)
    Which document outlined the first form of government for the United States? Which system of government did this document create?
  • Q13
    Central government had no power to tax, no national court system, no executive branch, no power to enforce laws, no power to regulate trade, all 13 states were needed to approve an amendment, approval of 9 of 13 states to enact laws
    List some of the major weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
  • Q14
    It introduces the goals and concepts outlined in the constitution + reinforces principles of good government
    What is the purpose of the Preamble to the constitution?
  • Q15
    The need for a stronger government
    What was the main argument the Federalists used to support the ratification of the Constitution?

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