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Civics Unit 2 Test Review

Quiz by Rennie Harrington-Jones

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which statement identifies the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
    Government should have unlimited authority to guarantee basic rights.
    The people can overthrow a government that fails to protect basic rights.
    The people can increase government authority to expand basic rights.
    Government should be based on a written constitution to provide basic rights.
  • Q2
    The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan proposed at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 disagreed with each other about the basis of representation in the legislative branch. What best explains the reason for this disagreement?
    Some states wanted representatives appointed by governors, but others wanted them appointed by state legislators.
    Some states wanted equal representation, but others wanted representation according to size of population.
    Some states wanted indirect elections, but others wanted elections by universal suffrage.
    Some states wanted a parliamentary system, but others wanted separate branches of government.
  • Q3
    One of the decisions reached at the Constitutional Convention was that representation and voting in the House of Representatives would be based on population. Which statement best explains a reason for this decision?
    It guaranteed the southern states a larger representation than the northern states.
    It satisfied supporters of universal suffrage because everyone would be represented.
    It addressed concerns of larger states about equal representation in the Senate.
    It ensured that the legislative branch would be more powerful than the other branches.
  • Q4
    In the case of Yick Wo, the Supreme Court stated that the Fourteenth Amendment applied to all people in the United States. Which statement best describes the Supreme Court's ruling?
    It required government bodies to have officials represented from all groups.
    It gave immigrant groups a special status.
    It weakened the system of separation of powers.
    It upheld the principle of equal justice under the law.
  • Q5
    Why did the 26th Amendment require two more states for ratification than the 19th Amendment?
    New states had joined the Union after 1920.
    After 1920, amendments had to be ratified unanimously.
    The 26th Amendment was more popular.
    Amendments expanding suffrage need more votes.
  • Q6
    The Supreme Court's decision in U.S. v. Nixon emphasized what important principle of constitutional government?
    universal suffrage
    equal opportunity
    rule of law
    states' rights
  • Q7
    A senator can delay a bill from reaching the next step in the process by
    using veto power to overturn the bill
    initiating a filibuster
    referring the bill to the judicial branch
    impeaching the president
  • Q8
    Which answer best explains the purpose of a concurring opinion?
    He agreed with the majority's conclusion but disagreed with its reasoning.
    He wrote a separate opinion in order to avoid influencing the other justices.
    He wrote a separate opinion because he is required to do so as Chief Justice.
    He agree with the dissent's conclusion but disagreed with its reasoning.
  • Q9
    Who has the power to approve or reject nominees for U.S. ambassadors?
    Supreme Court
    Department of State
    United Nations
  • Q10
    Which statement best describes the responsibilities of the Department of Defense?
    They can only be achieved through the use of military action.
    They are important to the country's welfare and security.
    They matter less during peacetime than in times of war.
    They change each time a new secretary of defense is appointed.

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