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Civil Rights and Conservatism Era

Quiz by Shatara Lister

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21 questions
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  • Q1
    • Fought for Civil Rights • Women fought for Equal Rights • Agencies like LULAC and NAACP were founded • Lasted from 1945-1980 The characteristics above describe which era?
    Age of Oil
    Civil Rights and Conservatism
    Texas in the Great Depression & WWII
    Cotton, Cattle & Railroads
  • Q2
    The passage above describes the issues and efforts of which civil and equal rights activist?
    Question Image
    Barbara Jordan
    Hector P. Garcia
    Henry Gonzales
    James L Farmer
  • Q3
    • Co-founded the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1942 • Organized and coined the term “Freedom Riders” in 1961 The information above highlights accomplishments of which civil rights and equal rights leader?
    James L. Farmer
    Malcolm X
    Dr. Hector P Garcia
    Lyndon B Johnson
  • Q4
    Which important piece of legislation is outlined in the box above?
    Question Image
    Voting Rights Amendment
    Equal Rights Amendment
    the Voting Rights Act
    the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Q5
    Which civil rights and equal rights group’s history is being highlighted above?
    Question Image
    G I Forum
  • Q6
    Which event caused African-American voter registration to increase after 1965?
    Question Image
    Civil Rights Movement
    Civil War
    Women’s Suffrage
    Equal Rights Movement
  • Q7
    Which of these describes the Civil Rights movement of the mid-20th century?
    a protest movement to provide women with suffrage
    a protest movement against racial discrimination and segregation
    a movement to provide more job opportunities to boost the economy
    a movement primarily focused to stop discrimination of Hispanic citizens
  • Q8
    Which Supreme Court ruling is depicted in the cartoon above?
    Question Image
    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Brown v. Board of Education
    Smith v. Allwright
    Sweatt v. Painter
  • Q9
    What direction did most of the Freedom Rides travel?
    Question Image
    From West to East
    From East to West
    From North to South
    From South to North
  • Q10
    What is the message of the political cartoon above?
    Question Image
    President Lincoln and President Johnson supported legislation aimed at equal rights
    President Lincoln and President Johnson worked hard with the Senate and House to help pass the 13th Amendment.
    Unlike President Lincoln, President Johnson opposed all civil rights legislation.
    Both President Lincoln and President Johnson served in office while a civil war was fought in the United States.
  • Q11
    • Lulu Belle Madison White • Hector P. Garcia • James L. Farmer What conclusion can best be made about names listed above?
    They were pioneers in developing medical and computer technologies.
    They established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    They were the co-founders of the company, Texas Instrument.
    They fought for political and social rights for minorities living in Texas.
  • Q12
    Which of the following best replaces the question mark in the graphic organizer above?
    Question Image
    the establishment of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    the establishment of Texas Instrument
    the establishment of the Armstrong and Aldrin Space Center
    the establishment of LULAC
  • Q13
    The political cartoon above would best be connected to the passage of the -
    Question Image
    20th amendment
    19th amendment
    21st amendment
    18th amendment
  • Q14
    What invention by Jack Kilby led to the creation of personal computers, digital watches, and many other devices?
    artificial satellite
    rotary drill bit
    integrated silicon circuit
    TI calculator
  • Q15
    • First woman elected to the Texas State Senate • First African American from the South elected to Congress • Supported legislation to improve the lives of poor people and minorities Which Texas political leader’s contributions are described above?
    Jane McCallum
    Barbara Jordan
    Kay Bailey Hutchinson
    Oveta Culp Hobby

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