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Civil War

Quiz by Katie Wallis

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What were some important contributions Alabama made to the Civil War?
    Question Image
    Iron productions and textile
    Political security and power
    coffe and boat productions
    Food supplies and weapons
  • Q2
    What caused Alabamas economy to collapse in the Civil War
    Question Image
    Burring of Textile Factories
    Destruction of Iron mills
    When the North Won the battle of Huntsville
    Destruction of the Transportation Infastructure
  • Q3
    What are munitions?
    Question Image
    A term when Iron has melted and is hot.
    The line people had to wait in to get a weapon
    Food storages
    Weapons, ammunition and equipment
  • Q4
    Which civil war leader was from Alabama?
    Question Image
    Conner E. Fetercy
    William Henry Forney
    Braxton Bragg
    Robert E. Lee
  • Q5
    definition of armament
    Question Image
    Special gloves
    Military weapons and equipment
    A cannon the fires long distance
    The swords at the end of weapons
  • Q6
    Why was Port Mobile important to the Confederacy
    Question Image
    A great place to relax
    Its where a lot of food was caught
    I was easy for ships to travel up stream
    It was it's main source of trade
  • Q7
    What did women do in the war?
    Question Image
    Provided medical care
    Tended to farms
    only cooked food
  • Q8
    What else did women do outside of the battlefield?
    Question Image
    They didn't help
    Fought in the military
    Mended clothes and shoes
    Became politicans

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