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Civil War and Reconstruction Quiz 2 2023

Quiz by joyce lackey

Virginia and United States History
History and Social Science
Virginia Standards of Learning

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Virginia and United States History
History and Social Science
Virginia Standards of Learning


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  • Q1
    What was the cause of the tensions between the northern and southern states?
    Protecting and expanding slavery
  • Q2
    What was the economic base for the northern states?
    manufacturing, industry, textile mills, exporting or selling finished goods or items, banking
  • Q3
    What was the economic base for the southern states?
    agriculture of cash crops that required a large slave workforce to be successful they relied on imported goods to meet their needs
  • Q4
    Why did the North favor high protective tariffs?
    They protected northern manufactured goods from foreign competition - United States goods could be sold at a cheaper price
  • Q5
    Why did the South dislike the high protective tariffs?
    It made the southerners pay high prices for their finished products or good.
  • Q6
    What does 'Free State' refer to?
    States that do not have slavery and want to prohibit the expansion of slavery
  • Q7
    What does 'Slave State" refer to?
    States that have slaves and promotes the extension of slavery
  • Q8
    What did the Missouri Compromise of 1820 do?
    created an a line for free and slave states ; Missouri added as a slave state, Maine added as a free state
  • Q9
    What did the Compromise of 1850 accomplish?
    --California entered the Union as a free state
  • Q10
    See image
    --rest of the Mexican cession was divided into two territories (Utah & New Mexico) in which slavery would be decided by popular sovereignty.
  • Q11
    See image
    --abolished slavery in the nation's capital and produced a new fugitive slave law
  • Q12
    What did the Kanas-Nebraska Act do?
    It repealed the Compromise of 1850, allowed for new states entering the United State to determine if they want to be a slave state or a free state (popular sovereignty)
  • Q13
    Why did the Republican Party form?
    The Republican Party formed to stop the spread of slavery.
  • Q14
    What does "Bleeding Kansas" refer to?
    fighting broke out in Kansas over slavery
  • Q15
    What is nullification?
    concept in which states could nullify, or void, any federal law they deemed unconstitutional

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