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Civil War Causes

Quiz by Tiffany Daggercummings

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the immediate effect of the Confederacy firing on Fort Sumter, South Carolina?
    It caused the beginning of the Nullification Crisis.
    It caused the beginning of the Civil War.
    It caused Southern states to secede.
    It caused the end of the Civil War
  • Q2
    If you supported the cause of states' rights, what might you point to to back up your argument?
    The Declaration of Independence
    The Tenth Amendment to the Constituition
    Article III of the Constitution
    The First Amendment to the Constitution
  • Q3
    Which event happened first?
    The Kansas-Nebraska Act
    The Missouri Compromise
    The Nullification Crisis
  • Q4
    If you wanted to nullify a quiz you took in history class, what might you do?
    Ask to retake the quiz.
    Fight your teacher over the right to take the quiz.
    Promise that you'd do better on the next quiz.
    Ask your teacher to throw the results of the quiz away.
  • Q5
    In the years before the Civil War, which state was most likely to favor higher tariffs?
    New York
    South Carolina

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