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Civil War Review

Quiz by Joy Kurtz

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    The eleven states that seceded from the Union in 1860-61 formed a new political entity called the
    United States of America
    Confederate States of America
    Iroquois Confederacy
    Articles of Confederation
  • Q2
    Abraham Lincoln, who was elected President in 1860, represented the
    Free-Soil Party
    anti-slavery Republican party
    pro-slavery Democratic party
    Constitutional Union Party
  • Q3
    The Emancipation Proclamation
    freed all enslaved people everywhere in the United States
    freed all enslaved people in states that were in rebellion against the U.S.
    freed slaves in territories out west
    freed all enslaved people living in the border states
  • Q4
    The Thirteenth Amendment passed in January 1865
    Granted African Americans citizenship
    Granted African American men the right to vote
    Provided freedom of speech
    Abolished slavery in the United States
  • Q5
    The Battle of Bull Run or Manassas was notable because
    It was the first land battle of the war.
    It was a clear Union victory, demonstrating the military and industrial might of the North would quickly overwhelm the South.
    It was a clear Confederate victory, demonstrating that the war would not be over quickly.
    It marked the first use of ironclad warfare between the Monitor and the Merrimac.
  • Q6
    The Battle of Gettysburg in July, 1863, was a major turning point in the Civil War because
    The Union victory ended the hopes of Confederate invasion of the North.
    The defeat of Union forces led to Lincoln’s defeat in the election of 1864.
    It marked the first time African American soldiers fought for the Union
    The battlefield was later turned into a cemetery.
  • Q7
    On April 8, 1865 at Appomattox Courthouse
    General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant ending the Civil War
    Ulysses S. Grant surrendered to Robert E. Lee ending the Civil War.
    Confederate forces won a surprising victory extending the Civil War.
    General William Tecumseh Sherman ended his March to the Sea.
  • Q8
    Sherman’s March to the Sea was an early example of
    total war, to demoralize and terrorize civilians in the South
    guerilla warfare
    new weapons designed to wipe out entire regiments
    trench warfare that would be the norm by World War I
  • Q9
    The firing on Fort Sumter is considered to be
    the official start of the Civil War
    the harshest act of the Civil War
    where the surrender took place
    the greatest Union victory of the Civil War
  • Q10
    Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg was given to
    dedicate a cemetery
    free the slaves
    rally Union forces in the Civil War
    celebrate the end of the Civil War
  • Q11
    John Brown raided Harpers Ferry, Virginia in order to
    start a slave revolt
    free Union prisoners of war
    steal ammunition for the Confederate States
    start the Civil War
  • Q12
    All of the following could be considered causes of the Civil War except which one?
    states’ rights
    educational differences
    economic and cultural differences
  • Q13
    This state was the last to secede from the United States.
    South Carolina
    North Carolina
  • Q14
    All of the following are true of North Carolina’s role in the Civil War except which one?
    We supplied more troops than any other southern state
    We were the last state to officially secede.
    We fought because of our large slave population.
    Fort Fisher in Wilmington was the last major port to get supplies through
  • Q15
    This Union victory helped the Union army by dividing the Confederacy in half and giving the Union control of the Mississippi River.

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