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Civil War Unit Assessment

Quiz by Sara Leigh-Manuell

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    What were the contrasting views on slavery in our country?
    The South wanted the government to make a law making slavery illegal
    The North thought the government should decide about slavery, but the South believed slavery was a states' right
    The North wanted slavery to be legal, but the South wanted it to be illegal
  • Q2
    Why was our Constitution amended during Reconstruction?
    To give Texas their independence and expand slavery
    To end slavery and to give the Mississippi River to Spain
    To make peace with the Confederate states and allow slavery to spread
    To expand civil rights to former slaves and to come up with a plan to let Confederate states back into the union
  • Q3
    How did our government show its authority over the sates after the Civil War?
    The Union Army was sent down to keep an eye on the Confederate States until they could be allowed back in the Union.
    The Union Army was sent to England to help the king
    The Confederate Army was sent up North to make sure the slaves never made it to freedom
  • Q4
    What did the south do after Reconstruction ended?
    The North switched their economy to be based on plantations instead of industry.
    The South had an amazing economy right after the war and many freed slaves had a lot of money and great jobs
    They passed the Black Codes and formed hate groups like the KKK because they were not happy that African Americans gained more rights
  • Q5
    How were women discriminated against during this time period?
    They fought with the South instead of the North
    They were too weak to join the military
    They were not paid the same as a man.
    They could not legally get a job
  • Q6
    How were African Americans discriminated against before the Civil War?
    They were forced to be slaves
    They were mistreated based on their religion
    They would not convert to Judaism
    They gained suffrage before women
  • Q7
    How did women work together to gain equal rights?
    They helped pass the 15th amendment which gave women the right to vote
    They went to the Seneca Falls Convention and protested
    They passed the Black Codes to protest civil rights
    The worked with Thomas Jefferson to sign the Declaration of Independence
  • Q8
    What group of people worked together to give African Americans more rights?
    Radical Republicans tried to give them more amendments
    The KKK worked to give them more rights
    The black codes
    The Confederate Army worked to give them more rights
  • Q9
    How were African Americans discriminated against before the Civil War?
    They were mistreated based on their religion
    They were forced to be slaves
    They were forced to move onto reservations
    They were freed
  • Q10
    What was the purpose of the Temperance Movement?
    To stop slavery
    To stop women from voting
    To stop men from voting
    To stop the sell of alcohol
  • Q11
    What was the main abolitionist group?
    Temperance movement
    Seneca Falls Convention
    National Trade Union
    American Anti-Slavery Society
  • Q12
    What did abolitionists want to do?
    To spread slavery
    To keep women from voting
    To keep men from voting
    End slavery
  • Q13
    What was the purpose of Uncle Tom's Cabin?
    To show that the South wanted to end slavery
    To show that slavery was fair and just
    To show that slavery was unjust and cruel
    To show that the North wanted slavery to expand
  • Q14
    How did President Lincoln affect Union's ability to win the war?
    He expanded slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation
    He supported the Confederacy with the Gettysburg Address
    He helped the South win the war
    He renewed the Union's reason for fighting with the Gettysburg Address
  • Q15
    What invention really impacted the Civil War?
    small pox blankets
    guerrilla war methods

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