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CJ 285 Ch. 04

Quiz by Hyoungah Park

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  • Q1
    The use of medical drugs to ease the process of overcoming the physical symptoms of dependence.
  • Q2
    A term used in England during the Middle Ages that was synonymous with today's jail.
  • Q3
    A confinement facility, usually operated and controlled by county-level law enforcement, designed to hold persons who are awaiting adjudication or serving a short sentence of 1 year or less.
  • Q4
    Programs usually interlaced with probation and parole agencies as a means of integrating the supervisory functions of both the jail and community supervision agencies.
    Jail Reentry Programs
  • Q5
    Includes rounded architecture for living units and allows for direct supervision of inmates by security staff.
    Podular Jail
  • Q6
    A California state policy designed to reduce the number of offenders in that state's prison system to 110,000.
    Public Safety Realignment (PSR)
  • Q7
    Usually small jails in rural county jurisdictions that are often challenged by tight budgets and limited training for staff.
    Rural Jail
  • Q8
    Entry design that allows security staff to bring vehicles close to the admissions area in a secure fashion.
    Sally Port
  • Q9
    A short period of incarceration followed by a specified term of community supervision.
    Shock Incarceration
  • Q10
    A facility that holds sentenced inmates for no more than 1 year.
    Short-Term Jail
  • Q11
    one of the earliest examples of a jail used for confinement purposes.
    Tower of London
  • Q12
    Confinement that is restricted to the weekends or other times when the person in custody is off from work.
    Weekend Confinement

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