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CL Revision Quiz

Quiz by huishan

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a contraindication of CL wear?
    Px on hypertensive medication
    Px who has glaucoma
    Px is a 6 year old child
    Px that complains occasional itchiness
  • Q2
    Purpose of keratometry measurement when fitting disposable CL is for
  • Q3
    Which of the following MUST be assessed during CL fitting?
    All of the following
    Primary movement
  • Q4
    You see 3 and 9 o clock dumbbell pooling during RGP fitting. This indicates that patient has
    ATR astig
    WTR astig
    oblique astig
    irregular astig
  • Q5
    Which of the following complication is more likely seen in RGP wearers
    Corneal Oedema
    3 and 9 o clock staining
  • Q6
    Px with Rx of +4.25DS should be fitted with
  • Q7
    Pupil size measurement is important for all of the following EXCEPT
    monovision fitting
    coloured lens fitting
    RGP fitting
    multifocal fitting
  • Q8
    Most toric lenses will rotate within how much from zero position?
    5-20 deg
    0 rotation
    more than 20 deg
    0-5 deg
  • Q9
    With a +1.50DS fog, when checking distance vision, it was found that the left eye was blurrer with the fog than the right eye. The dominant eye is
    left eye
    both eyes
    right eye
    neither eye
  • Q10
    During CL assessment, you noticed that a 3 and 9 o clock reference marking for the toric lens. This is most likely
    1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astig
    Soflens Daily Disposable for Astig
    Clariti 1 Day Toric
  • Q11
    Purevision 2HD lenses for Astig make use of ________________ design for stabilisation.
  • Q12
    A flat fitted RGP is likely to have _________________ rotation.
  • Q13
    LARS is applied to
    lenticular axis
    spectacle axis
    corneal axis
    contact lens axis
  • Q14
    Px with Rx of -8.00/-0.75x90 should be fitted with
    sph SCL
    multifocal SCL
    toric SCL
    toric RGP
  • Q15
    Dominant Eye for monovision is determined by the eye
    the blurs lesser with +1.50DS fog
    that has the best acuity
    that has the worst acuity
    with pathology

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