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Claims/Thesis Statements CFU

Quiz by Maya Daniels

Grades 11-12
English Language Arts
Common Core

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these is not like the others?
    Thesis statement
    Topic sentence
  • Q2
    What does a claim do?
    States what you're talking about
    Proves your point
    Gives background information
    Summarizes your ideas
  • Q3
    Which of these is not one of the criteria for a strong claim?
    Uses quotation marks
    Has a topic and direction
    Is objective
    Stands alone
  • Q4
    Which of these stands alone?
    The purpose of the book is to persuade the reader to take a stand against slavery.
    To persuade the reader to take a stand against slavery.
    It is to persuade the audience to oppose slavery.
    Yes, the abolition of slavery is the purpose of the book.
  • Q5
    Which is these is an example of an objective claim?
    I believe social and emotional skills are as important as academic skills.
    I think social skills are as an important as academic skills.
    Social and emotional skills are as important as academic skills.
    You know that social and emotional skills are as important as academic skills.
  • Q6
    Which of these has a topic and direction?
    The author of the book, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" directly appeals to her audience in her writing.
    The author of the novel appeals to her audience.
    The author appeals to her audience by directly addressing the reader.
    The author directly addresses the reader.
  • Q7
    In the prompt, "Write an essay arguing for/against lowering the voting age," what is the topic?
    lowering the voting age
    the voting age
    An essay
    for or against
  • Q8
    In the prompt, "Analyze how the narrator uses imagery," what should be the direction?
    how they use imagery
    the narrator
  • Q9
    What is the most effective thesis statement?
    Reading has tremendous benefits throughout your life, including preventing Alzheimer's disease, expanding job opportunities, and building empathy.
    I believe reading is one of the most important things one can do for their health, their career, and their social capital.
    Reading has tremendous benefits in your life, as shown by a recent article in Reader's Digest on the benefits of reading.
    Yes, reading is important, because it keeps you healthier, provides more opportunities, and makes you smarter.

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