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Class Dismissed by Alan Woodrow

Quiz by Beth Miller

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  • Q1
    What is NOT given as a reason Kyle thinks Ms. Bryce dislikes him?
    She frowned at him all the time.
    Ms. Bryce didn't let him finish asking a question
    She wouldn't explain what a denominator was.
    She sends him to the office everyday
  • Q2
    What does Kyle say about people who sit in the front row?
    that only "the class brains" sit in the front row.
    that only "the teacher's pets" sit in the front row.
    that only "the dumb kids" sit in the front row.
    anyone sits in the front row, it isn't anyone special
  • Q3
    What kind of person is Maggie?
    She doesn't know what she wants to do after high school.
    she considers herself a "blockhead"
    She is bossy towards her classmates.
    She thinks watching TV is the best way to get information
  • Q4
    How does Maggie convince her classmates to go along with her plan?
    Maggie offers to do all of their homework.
    Maggie pretends to not want homework and tells them if they don't have graded work, their parents will become suspicious.
    Maggie tells them that she will blame everything on them and they will have to repeat the grade.
    Maggie says she will call the police.
  • Q5
    Samantha's classmates don't like her much. What is one reason NOT given that would infer this from the story?
    The others don't appreciate her criticism.
    She is not invited to a birthday party that all the other girls are invited to.
    Her aunt says she is too picky
    She is always doing her homework.
  • Q6
    Why is Kyle's mom hesitant to take the promotion?
    It is more work.
    She doesn't feel Kyle is responsible enough.
    It is closer to home.
    It is less money
  • Q7
    Why didn't any adults know that Mrs. Bryce quit?
    Her email got deleted.
    She didn't tell anyone.
    Adam never delivered the note.
    No adult was in the office when she called and told them.
  • Q8
    What makes Principal Klein concerned about Ms. Bryce's class?
    The class has been very quiet.
    The students walked to the lunch room by themselves.
    No one has been sent to the office for two days.
    Nothing, Principal Klein is to busy to be concerned.
  • Q9
    What did Eric tell Principal Klein when he asked where Mrs. Bryce was?
    He said she was in the office.
    He said she had quit.
    He said she went home sick.
    He said she was in the bathroom.
  • Q10
    Who picked the broken pencil and had to go to detention?
  • Q11
    What did Maggie decide to do?
    Stop going to school.
    Tell the truth about Mrs. Bryce
    Teach the class herself.
    Start going to the library during the day.
  • Q12
    Why did Maggie want to take over the class?
    She was a bully and wanted to be in charge of everything.
    She didn't want to take over the class.
    She wanted to tell the others what to do.
    She thought it would look good on her college application.
  • Q13
    Where did Samantha meet Mr. Wolcott?
    At the mall.
    At a home by her house.
    Outside her dance studio.
    While she was skiing.
  • Q14
    Why did Mr. Wolcott get angry at the security guard?
    He told Mr. Wolcott to throw his coffee cup away.
    He told Mr. Wolcott to remove his coat.
    The guard yelled at Samantha.
    Mr. Wolcott thought the guard was an old enemy of his.
  • Q15
    What did Kyle discover about Soda?
    Her fur all fell out.
    She was missing.
    She had died.
    She had babies.

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