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Classical Music

Quiz by Ms. Newlon

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  • Q1
    The Classical period is often referred to as __________.
    extravagant and showy
    ahead of its time
    the golden age of music
  • Q2
    Why did Haydn write his 45th Symphony and name it the Farewell Symphony.
    Hayden was taking a position in another country and used it as a farewell to the Esterhazy family.
    Haydn was ready to retire and used the music as a way to say goodbye.
    The prince was going on an extended voyage and the musicians wanted a formal way to say goodbye.
    The prince stayed at the summer palace until November and the musicians wanted to go home to be with their families.
  • Q3
    Who most often led the orchestra during the classical period?
    Lead Violinist or Concertmaster
    Orchestra Conductor
  • Q4
    Which composer worked as the music director for the Esterhazy family for over thirty years?
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Joseph Haydn
    Wolfgang Mozart
    Muzio Clementi
  • Q5
    How old was Mozart when he started touring with his father and sister?
  • Q6
    In what way was Mozart's music writing tactic different from other composers?
    He would use chalk to write the music out all over the floors and walls of his house then put it on paper when he finished.
    He would tell his wife what to write and she would put it down on paper.
    He would write music for one instrument at a time.
    He would write the music completely in his head before putting it down on paper.
  • Q7
    Who wrote the libretto for the Magic Flute opera?
    Emmanuel Schikaneder
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    George Frideric Handel
  • Q8
    Which of the following is a short synopsis of the Magic Flute
    Tamino uses his Magic Flute to rescue a Princess and find enlightenment through a series of trials with his friend Papageno.
    An opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a German libretto by Emmanuel Schikaneder.
    Tamino is a handsome prince that lures children from their homes with his Magic Flute.
    The work was premiered on 30 September 1791 at Schikaneder's theatre, the Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden in Vienna, just two months before the composer's premature death.
  • Q9
    Which of the following are common features of Classical music?
    Clear tune, neat and orderly
    Music was monophonic and chant-like.
    Vocal music was more important than instrumental music.
    Extravagant and showy.
  • Q10
    Who was Ludwig van Beethoven's first childhood music teacher?
    Franz Joseph Haydn
    Antonio Salieri
    Christian Gottlob
    His own father.
  • Q11
    Which famous composer was still composing excellent music after he went completely deaf?
  • Q12
    Which famous composer did Beethoven study with in Vienna?
  • Q13
    Which instruments were included in a string quartet?
    Two violins, a viola, a harp and a double bass.
    Two violins, a harp, and a cello.
    A violin, a psaltry, a harp, and a cello.
    Two violins, a viola, and a cello.
  • Q14
    Choose the answer that most accurately describes Ludwig Beethoven's father.
    A Presbyterian minister in the small town of Bonn, Germany.
    A loving father involved in his son's life.
    An alcoholic and abusive to his son.
    A music store owner in the small town of Bonn, Germany.
  • Q15
    To whom was Ludwig van Beethoven a father?
    His sister's son, Amadeus.
    His own son, Casper.
    His brother's son, Karl.
    His own son, Karl.

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