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Classification of Living Things

Quiz by Patti Sieve

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    There's a new organism, how would you classify it according to a specific group?
    How long the organism lives.
    How recently the organism was discovered?
    Common characteristics and traits with other organisms.
    Where the organism lives.
  • Q2
    There are 2 living organisms that don't look alike. Are the same species. Why?
    They live in the same habitat.
    They do not eat each other.
    They mate and have babies that are fertile.
    They are similar in size and both have fur.
  • Q3
    Which organism from the following chart have the least in common with other organisms?
    Question Image
    Organism 3
    Organism 3
    Organism 1
    Organism 4
  • Q4
    How are organisms classified into one of the 3 different domains?
    According to similarities in where they live.
    According to the presence or absence of photosynthesis.
    According to the presence or absence of a nucleus.
    According to genetic similarities.
  • Q5
    What Kingdom is this? It is multicellular, Has cell walls, is made of cellulose, and makes its own food
  • Q6
    How are Domain and Kingdom different from one another?
    Domains came long before kingdoms.
    A domain is a broader level than a kingdom.
    A domain is a broader level than a kingdom.
    There are more domains than there are kingdoms
  • Q7
    Why are living organisms classified according to the eight levels of classification?
    To identify organisms and determine how groups are related.
    So that students can learn each group in school
    So biologists will know which animals live together safely
    To determine which habitats are most suitable for organisms
  • Q8
    Which two organisms are more closely related?
    Question Image
    Organisms 2 and 4
    Organisms 2 and 3
    Organisms 1 and 3
    Organisms 1 and 2
  • Q9
    According to the classification system, List in order of least specific to most specific.
    species, genus, family, order
    kingdom, phylum, class, order
    class, phylum, kingdom, domain
    genus, phylum, kingdom, domain
  • Q10
    Did King Phillip come over for grape soda, stands for what?
    Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species Domain
    Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Species Genus
    Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus Species
    Species, genus, family, order, class, Phylum, Kingdom Domain
  • Q11
    What 2 parts do we use for a scientific name? (It MUST be in the correct order)
    Family and genus
    Species and genus
    Genus and family
    Genus and family
  • Q12
    Find the statement the MOST accurately explains a kingdom in Domain Eukarya.
    Kingdom Fungi get energy by using energy from decomposing materials.
    Kingdom Animalia make their own food.
    Kingdom Protista are multicellular.
    Kingdom Plantae are multicellular that move on their own.
  • Q13
    Who came up with the Modern Classification System?
    Leonardo DaVinci
    Albert Einstein
    Issac Newton
    Carolus Linnaeus
  • Q14
    In what way are the millions of organisms on this Earth classified?
    By a hierarchical system based on shared characteristics.
    By a cyclical system based on population size and location
    By an alphabetical system based on the discovering scientist
    By a chronological system based on date of discovery
  • Q15
    Which statement MOST accurately explains how animals and plants are different from bacteria?
    Bacteria do not reproduce.
    Bacteria do not maintain homeostasis.
    Bacteria do not have specialized cells
    Bacteria are not made of cells

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