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Classification (SC.6.L.15.1)

Quiz by A. Barrios

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  • Q1
    Mushrooms, bread molds, and yeasts are classified together in the fungi kingdom. Specific characteristics are used to classify these organisms. Which of the following is a characteristic used to classify these organisms as fungi?
    They are prokaryotes.
    They are heterotrophs
    They are unicellular.
    They are parasites.
  • Q2
    Which of the following statements is true for all eukarya?
    their cells contain a nucleus.
    their cell do not contain a nucleus and they have a similar cell wall when compared to bacteria.
    their cells do not contain a nucleus.
    their cells do not contain a nucleus and they have a different cell wall from bacteria.
  • Q3
    Perhaps the single greatest contribution Linnaeus made to science was his development of the process called binomial nomenclature. Which of the following descriptions below most accurately describes this process?
    provides a list of 4 kingdoms to which each species is placed into
    gives each species a unique, two-word Latin name
    classifies organisms based on their cellular organelle characteristics, such as the presence or absence of a nucleus
    organizes each individual organisms down to their species name
  • Q4
    Which of the following groupings of organisms with give you the most common characteristics when comparing one organism to another?

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