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Classifying Matter Pre-assessment

Quiz by Jenni

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    The pan balance would be most useful in answering which question?
    Question Image
    What is the temperature of a container of soil?
    Does a brass key sink or float in water?
    How much mass a piece of metal has?
    Is an iron nail attracted to a bar magnet?
  • Q2
    Which item belongs in the liquid column in the table?
    Question Image
    Carbon Dioxide
  • Q3
    As part of a science experiment, a group of students were given a mystery object to identify based on its physical properties. Which scientific tool could be used to measure the objects temperature
    Pan Balance
    Graduated Cylinder
    Bar Magnet
  • Q4
    A group of students in a science class placed a thermometer in a container of water to measure the temperature. What temperature would be recorded on the group's data sheet?
    Question Image
  • Q5
    Four balls were placed in a container of water to investigate their properties. Which of the following correctly explains what the students now know about the behavior of the balls in the water?
    Question Image
    Ball 3 and 4 are sinking
    Ball 1 and 2 are floating
    Ball 1 and 3 are floating
    Ball 2 and 3 are sinking

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