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Classroom expectations

Quiz by Jenna Hill

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the expected behavior when the teacher is speaking?
    Talk to your friends
    Listen and pay attention
    Doodle on your notebook
    Use your phone
  • Q2
    How should you participate during class discussions?
    Interrupt others and speak out of turn
    Stay completely silent
    Yell out your thoughts without raising your hand
    Raise your hand and wait for your turn to speak
  • Q3
    How should you treat your classmates?
    Ignore them and avoid interactions
    Tease and bully them
    With kindness and respect
    Compete with them for attention
  • Q4
    What is the expected behavior during independent work time?
    Get up and move around the classroom
    Chat with your classmates
    Play games on your tablet
    Work quietly and stay on task
  • Q5
    what do you do if you need help?
    ask neighbor
    wait quietly for Ms. Hill with hand raised
    give up
  • Q6
    What is the expected behavior when entering or leaving the classroom?
    Ignore the teacher's instructions
    Bang the door loudly
    Run in and out of the classroom
    Enter and exit quietly and respectfully
  • Q7
    What is the expected behavior when someone else is speaking or presenting?
    Listen attentively and give them your full attention
    Talk loudly to your classmates
    Ignore them and do your own thing
    Interrupt and try to take over
  • Q8
    What is the appropriate noise level in the classroom?
    Quiet enough to not disturb others
    As loud as you want
    Complete silence
    Only talk to your friends
  • Q9
    What should you do with your personal belongings during class?
    Share them with your classmates
    Keep them organized and out of the way
    Throw them around the classroom
    Leave them scattered on your desk
  • Q10
    if you need to use restroom what do you do?
    just go
    pee pants
    silent pass- timer approved, show ms hill, take pass
  • Q11
    can I sit anywhere I want?
    sure, she doesn't care
  • Q12
    what do i do right when i walk into ms. hill's class?
    yo, put backpack down, sit
    run by her, sit wherever
    calm, say hi, backpack in assigned spot, sit in assigned seat with needed materials, read the board
  • Q13
    is it appropriate to yell, run, hit, steal, be mean, have an attitude in school?
    no that's lame
  • Q14
    what happens if someone is not following our top 5 expectations?
    yelled at
    iss, referral, message home
  • Q15
    do we pack up whenever we want?
    only when Ms asks us to get bag, and wait in seat until the bell
    no, last 3 min

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