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classroom proceedures

Quiz by Mrs. Baker

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    What should you do as soon as you walk in the room?
    Sit down and read the board.
    Start talking to people
    run around the room
    Sleep in your seat.
  • Q2
    What should I do if I need to use the restroom?
    Yell "I gotta use it!"
    Just walk out
    Interrupt the teacher to ask to go.
    Raise my hand using the hand symbol and check out.
  • Q3
    I forgot where I sit. What should I do?
    Look at the chart taped to the back wall
    Go home
    Ask the teacher
    Sit wherever I like
  • Q4
    My pencil broke. What should I do?
    Get a new one from the teacher
    Throw the pencil away
    Don't do any more work today
    Hold up 1 finger and wait for permission to get out of my seat
  • Q5
    How do I know what computer I should use?
    Use the number that matches your assigned seat
    Don't do the work
    Grab the closest computer
    Use whichever one I want
  • Q6
    I have a nosebleed and need to go to the nurse. What should I do?
    Ignore it and hope it stops
    Yell "I'm bleeding!!!"
    Raise my hand and wait to be called on
    Get the teacher's attention and tell her where you are going.
  • Q7
    What materials do I need every day?
    my phone
    Pencil and notebook
    colored pencils and markers

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