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Cliches and Idioms 16-30

Quiz by Andrew Watts

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Choose the idiom that matches...If you suddenly become aware of something its like a?
    surprise party
    wake-up call
  • Q2
    Choose an idiom that matches this passage. "There is no way she is gonna land that jump!" "Yeah she......"
    drives too hard
    is a loser
    doesn't stand a chance
    can't make it
  • Q3
    Choose an idiom that matches. Something is very irritating or frustrating when it....
    leaves you out
    gets you going
    scratches you
    drives you nuts
  • Q4
    Choose the best answer. If your "hands are tied" you...
    don't make enough money
    can't do what you want to
    have no free hands
    live in a jail
  • Q5
    Off the top of my head actually means....
    it is not your idea
    you didn't think about it too much
    you pulled an idea from a hat
    you share thoughts with others
  • Q6
    Which example doesn't make sense. I am sick and tired of .....
    my cold so I am going to bed
    being alone all the time
    your behaviour, Campbell
    all the noise
  • Q7
    Don't rain on my parade, actually means
    don't put down my ideas
    don't have too much fun
    just accept the facts
    don't ruin my parade
  • Q8
    There is a scandal or hidden secret in one's past if you
    got off on the wrong foot
    think outside the box
    are the breadwinner
    have skeletons in the closet
  • Q9
    To think and not just have the usual solution
    don't rain on my parade
    think outside the box
    elephant in the room
  • Q10
    The person who provides the most income for the family is
    the breadwinner
    the skeleton in the closet
    the wake-up call
    the no-brainer
  • Q11
    If you get off on the wrong foot you actually........
    need to start over
    tripped over
    got a bad start
    need to use the other foot
  • Q12
    Hope or wishing for good luck
    no rain on the parade
    off the top of your head
    drives you nuts
    keep your fingers crossed
  • Q13
    When something is very irritating or frustrating people say they have a..
    pain in the eye
    pain in the neck
    pain in the nose
    pain in the foot
  • Q14
    A very easy decision is called a no-brainer
    True or False
  • Q15
    An "elephant in the room" is when there is a very large present that everyone is looking at but no one is opening.
    True or False

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