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  • Q1

    What can we get by meeting with our current clients?

    Internal partner referrals

    External partner referrals

    All answers are correct

    Referrals for new business opportunities

  • Q2

    What is Connect 4?

    Focusing on referring your internal partners while working with clients

    Connecting the dots within your territory by referring external partners and extracting referrals

    Connecting yourself with a mentor who can show you the way in your role

    Upgrading clients to higher packages that we offer

  • Q3

    A business must be a client in order to participate in Paychex Referral Network

    True or False
  • Q4

    Which is NOT true about Paychex Referral Network?

    Clients receive credits for sending referrals whether that referral signs up or not

    A client could receive a $200 or $500 credit for sending 1 referral based on employee count

    Clients receive a credit after 90 days of their referral running their first payroll with Paychex

    A client has a potential to earn 1 year of free payroll, up to $2500

  • Q5

    Where do you go to send the Paychex Referral Network Invite?

    Their payroll specialist sends the invite

    Salesforce prospect client page

    Client blue pages

    Salesforce opportunity page

  • Q6

    What are the steps in the client meeting?

    Build business rapport, purpose statement, discovery, Paychex why, close

    Build business rapport, purpose statement, discovery, present solutions/topic, extract a referral, set next steps

    Purpose statement, what did I learn, what did I teach, what referral did I extract, build business rapport

    Build business rapport, purpose statement, Paychex why, discovery, present solutions, close

  • Q7

    What should you NOT do before every client meeting?

    Pre-call plan

    Ask someone to run the meeting for you

    Know their industry vertical

    Make sure you have the correct address 

  • Q8

    Which resources do we have available to help with client meetings?

    Client discovery sheet

    Monthly topic

    PRN marketing

    All answers are correct

  • Q9

    Why is extracting referrals from clients so important for your business?

    Referrals can be converted to opportunities for new sales

    It shows that the client has friends

    Referrals are good for getting into new banks

    My clients can get paid for referrals that sell

  • Q10

    Which is NOT a goal of Connect 4?

    Refer your client to an internal Paychex partner

    Gauge your clients satisfaction with their current Bank, CPA, etc. 

    Introduce your client to a new Bank or CPA based on their needs

  • Q11

    Who could you talk to when you call a business to schedule an EUP?





  • Q12

    What should you do if you get a screener on the phone?

    Call back another time, the screener isn't who I need to speak with

    Not call back because this screener will answer the phone every time you call

    Push through them.  If you act like they aren't important they will want to pass you to someone who is important

    Ask questions to profile the business and prepare for the call back

  • Q13

    What should you do if you call a referral and the owner answers?

    Introduce yourself, mention who referred you, present our solutions and give them price

    Introduce yourself, mention who referred you and close for the meeting

    Introduce yourself, mention who referred you, briefly explain what we do and close for the meeting

    Introduce yourself, mention who referred you, gather information and call back to set up the meeting

  • Q14

    All client referrals will have no objections to meet with you

    True or False
  • Q15

    Which is NOT a way that Paychex differentiates from our competitors?

    Paychex offers an integrated online platform with advanced security to protect client data

    Paychex offers scalable solutions for our clients needs as they grow

    Paychex offers 24/7 support to our clients

    Paychex outsources our solutions because those companies can give our clients the best support for those services


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