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  • Q1
    Which is the opposite of a polar climate?
    Desert climate
    Temperate climate
  • Q2
    What is climate?
    Weather condition at a place for long time.
    weather of a day
  • Q3
    Elevation and climate
    are very closely related.
    have little effect on each other.
  • Q4
    The daily conditions of temperature, precipitation, wind, and clouds in an area.
  • Q5
    Which climate zone has cold weather all year?
    polar zone
    temperate zone
  • Q6
    How are the latitude of location and type of climate zone are related?
    They don't have any link.
    Latitude will help to determine climate zone.
  • Q7
    How could you provide an evidence to confirm that you are living in a temperate zone?
    By collecting data about temperature as it stays same through out the year.
    By collecting data about temperature as in temperate zone,it is hot in summer and cold in winter.
  • Q8
    How are the plants in dessert are different than those that grow in a tropical rain forest?
    Desert plants need to store water because of less rain fall.
    Desert plats have enough water to survive.
  • Q9
    Where are tropical climates found?
    Near equator.
    At poles
  • Q10
    Why are trees unable to grow in a polar region?
    Temperature is warm throughout the year.
    Temperature is cold throughout the year.

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