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Quiz by Aliyah Martinez

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the first step in creating your speech
    choose a specific speech purpose
    form a thesis
    select a topic
    choose a general speech purpose
  • Q2
    This definition best describes what term? "a method of spontaneously generating ideas through word association and mind mapping"
    An outline
    internet browsing
  • Q3
    What is NOT a main purpose of a speech?
    Mark a special occasion
    To persuade
    To inform
    To show your confidence and look cool
  • Q4
    You should select a speech topic that you are...
    interests you and audience
    passionate about
    knowledgable of
    all of the above
  • Q5
    What type of topic do you NOT want to write about in your speech?
    Current Events
    Overused and Trivial Topics
    Personal Interests
    Engage the Community
  • Q6
    " a brainstorming technique in which you write words in diagram form" Is what term?
    Topic mind mapping
    internet browising
    word association
  • Q7
    What type of speech does this best describes? "to increase the audience’s awareness by defining, describing, explaining, or demonstrating your knowledge of the subject."
    Persuasive speech
    descriptive narrative speech
    Informative speech
    special occasion speech
  • Q8
    Roasts and toasts, eulogies and after dinner speeches is examples of what type of speech?
    Persuasive speech
    narrative speech
    Informative speech
    Special occasion speech
  • Q9
    What term is also known as "central idea"
    general purpose
    informative speech
  • Q10
    What part of the speech guidelines does this best describe? " To inform my audience of three benefits of keeping a blog"
    specific speech purpose
    general speech purpose
    speech topic

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