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CM~Objective 1.02

Quiz by Angela Thomas

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    When taking a telephone message at the workplace, it is best for the person to:
    write the message down
    tell the caller to call back later
    rely on his/her memory
    tell the message to someone
  • Q2
    When peers at work offer suggestions to correct a weakness, a person should:
    consider their suggestions
    become defensive
    always accept their advice
    ignore them
  • Q3
    To get along better with your coworkers:
    listen and answer questions briefly and positively
    do not say anything to anyone
    ask the supervisor before repeating gossip
    always tell the supervisor what coworkers say
  • Q4
    What skill helps a person follow oral directions?
    Listening carefully
    Setting goals
    Speaking clearly
  • Q5
    Which is a benefit of conflict?
    Differences are often settled
    Workplace injuries are prevented
    Stress is caused
    Relationships are weakened
  • Q6
    When addressing someone involved in a conflict:
    talk to him/her in a private location
    use profanity.
    speak loudly and sharply.
    use "you" messages.
  • Q7
    Why is consensus important?
    Group members can support a decision and move forward.
    It causes resentment on part of some group members
    Group communication is weakened
    It allows part of the group to move forward
  • Q8
    When speaking to someone at work about a conflict:
    use "I" messages.
    try to embarrass him/her.
    use "you" messages
    talk to him/her in front of other people.
  • Q9
    When a conflict arises between two coworkers, the best solution is to:
    fight it out with the coworker after work
    communicate with the coworker to seek a solution
    go directly to the supervisor without first discussing the problem
    avoid the coworker altogether.

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