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CNA Review Questions

Quiz by Ruth Sealy

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  • Q1
    The main purpose for padding and keeping the bedside rails up is to
    serve as an attachment area to secure the call bell
    serve as a support for the client to reposition himself in bed
    keep the client safely restrained on bed
    Promote safety and prevent injuries to the client
  • Q2
    While assisting a client with denture care the nurse aide observes that the upper plate is cracked. The nurse aide's most appropriate action at this time is to
    clean the dentures thoroughly before returning to the client's mouth
    assist the client in making an appointment with the dentist in his convenient time
    soak the denture in an oral aseptic, rinse, dry thoroughly then us adhesives to address the crack
    Notify the charge nurse of the damage
  • Q3
    Depending on the health of the client's mouth, special care may be needed every 2 to 8 hours. To prevent liquid from draining down the client's throat the client should be
    assisted to lying position if health permits, or if not, transfer to the chair
    place in a sitting position at the edge of the bed leaning over the bedside table
    assisted to a sitting position if health permits, or if not, to a side-lying position with the head turned
    placed in any position of comfort
  • Q4
    Gloves should be worn as personal protective equipment when performing which of the following activities
    assisting the client in ambulation
    taking the vital signs of the client
    feeding the client with regular meals
    handling the bedpan of the client
  • Q5
    The CNA is attending to the care of a 75-year-old female client. While performing backrub she noticed changes in the skin integrity of the patient. Which one indicates the beginning of a pressure sore
  • Q6
    The nurse aide enters the room of a middle-aged male client, and he claims that he has severe pain. What is the best action of the nurse aide
    tell the client to ambulate for a while to alleviate the pain
    assure the client that the pain will go away soon
    acknowledge the client's statement and proceed to usual activities
    report the client's concern to the charge nurse
  • Q7
    A client has been very talkative and unruly, so the nurse aide isolated him in the closet fir an hour. The nurse aide is liable for
    Involuntary seclusion
    false imprisonment
  • Q8
    In attending to an immobilized client, the nurse aide knows that he is at risk of the following complications of immobility EXCEPT
    increased nutritional intake
    muscle atrophy
    bed sores
  • Q9
    A nurse aide who is active in a religious congregation is assigned to a client of a different religious background. The nurse aide should
    ask the clergyman from your church to visit the client
    emphasize the importance of joining a religious group or church
    make the client understand the nurse aide's faith
    respect the clients beliefs and refrain from starting religious discussions
  • Q10
    A terminally ill client says, " Why me? God is punishing me!" The nurse aide best responds by
    say "God doesn't punish people with illness."
    acknowledging the client's feelings and listening quietly
    make jokes to divert the client
    Ignore the client's statement
  • Q11
    How does a nurse aide appropriately assist a client with his spiritual needs?
    talking about the nurse aide's own religious beliefs
    bringing the client to the nurse aide's religious group
    avoiding any religious discussions to prevent arguments
    Encourage the client to talk about his beliefs
  • Q12
    Which of the following facilitates effective communication with a client suffering from total hearing loss
    write out information and instructions for the client to read
    smile and talk loudly
    smile and talk slowly
    allow the client more time to talk
  • Q13
    It is important to practice standard precautions when
    providing oral hygiene
    dressing a client
    feeding the client
    ambulating a client
  • Q14
    Mr Harrington is scheduled for a cleansing enema this morning. What position should a client be in to receive an enema
    Left Sim's
  • Q15
    From the following, choose the phrase(s) that is/are true regarding the way in which an individual demonstrates pride in one's ethnicity
    placing value on specific physical characteristics
    giving one's children ethnic names
    wearing special items of clothing
    All of the above

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