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CNN 10 News 2-28-24

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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  • Q1
    What did the Supreme Court hear oral arguments about regarding laws passed by Texas and Florida concerning social media companies?
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    The impact of social media on elections
    Whether social media companies should be regulated
    The legality of online advertising
    If the laws violate First Amendment rights
  • Q2
    Who campaigned on fixing the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and initiated the inside safe program?
    Question Image
    Nancy Pelosi
    Donald Trump
    Joe Biden
    Karen bass
  • Q3
    What aspect of homelessness did the University of California San Francisco study highlight as a significant barrier to leaving the streets?
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    Lack of job opportunities
    High housing costs
    Language barriers
    Access to food
  • Q4
    What term does the German word 'Blitz' translate to in English?
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  • Q5
    Where was a 3D printed habitat constructed to simulate living conditions for a crew of astronauts in a Mars simulation program?
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    Kennedy Space Center in Florida
    European Space Agency in Germany
    SpaceX Headquarters in California
    NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston

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