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CNN 10 News 5-9-2024

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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  • Q1
    According to the transcript, why is Tik Tok suing the US government?
    Question Image
    The new law is unconstitutional
    To collect data on users
    To challenge US National Security concerns
    To influence American opinions
  • Q2
    What is the reason for Israel conducting a military operation in Rafa?
    Question Image
    To cause civilian casualties
    Military pressure on Hamas
    To prevent humanitarian aid
    To expand Israeli territory
  • Q3
    How fast do you travel in the NASA simulation of a black hole?
    Question Image
    800 million miles per hour
    Almost 670 million miles per hour
    1 billion miles per hour
    500 million miles per hour
  • Q4
    How fast can the red wagon go?
    Question Image
    55 miles per hour
    60 miles per hour
    45 miles per hour
    65 miles per hour
  • Q5
    What makes the red wagon unique according to the transcript?
    Question Image
    Made from a garden cart wheel
    It's a vintage car
    Runs on electric power
    It has a custom paint job

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