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CNN10 NewsQuiz 3/8/19

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Name the self-declared, interim leader of Venezuela, who returned to his country this week after traveling throughout South America to increase support for a peaceful change of power in Venezuela.
    Fidel Castro
    Juan Guaido
  • Q2
    Name the current president of Venezuela, who says there's no crisis in his country and blames the U.S. for trying to overthrow his leadership.
    Nicolas Maduro
    Fidel Castro
  • Q3
    In what country are parts of a giant, horseshoe-shaped trash pile near the Nakdong River igniting into fires, a deeply concerning event to nearby residents and farmers?
    South Korea
  • Q4
    The U.S. National Weather Service says about 12 tornadoes touched down on Sunday afternoon, causing significant destruction in what two states?
    Florida and Texas
    Alabama and Georgia
  • Q5
    Name the passenger jet that saw its first test flight 50 years ago and was capable of traveling Mach 2, though it was retired because of age, operating costs, and a single but catastrophic accident.
    Air Bus
  • Q6
    In what U.S. state was an avalanche, which forced the temporary closure of parts of Interstate 70, recently caught on camera by a driver?
  • Q7
    How many people were aboard the SpaceX "Crew Dragon" capsule when it launched from Florida en route to the International Space Station?
  • Q8
    What Middle Eastern country is home to the village of Baghouz, where the ISIS terrorist group is losing its grip on the last area it occupies?
  • Q9
    In what U.S. state is the community of Lordstown, where uncertainty lingers after a decision by General Motors to stop production at a Chevrolet plant there?
  • Q10
    International analysts say satellite images indicate that North Korea has resumed activity at a facility that develops what?
    hydrogen bombs
    long range ballistic missiles

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