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Coco & The Book of Life Final Assesment

Quiz by Ada Gonzalez

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    ¿Quién fue Frida Kahlo?
    Fue la esposa de un político.
    Fue una cantante.
    Fue una figura política.
    Fue un pintora
  • Q2
    ¿Who was Frida Kahlo's husband?
    Junot Diaz was her husband
    Ruben Blades was her husband
    Cesar Chavez was her husband
    Diego Rivera was her husband.
  • Q3
    How old was Frida Kahlo when she died?
    Frida was 66 years old when she died.
    Frida was 47 years old when she died.
    Frida was 53 years old when she died.
    Frida was 36 years old when she died.
  • Q4
    What did Frida Kahlo paint?
    She painted murals
    She painted nature scenes
    She painted self-portraits
    She painted still life
  • Q5
    Who was El Santo?
    El Santo was a wrestler.
    El Santo was a tv show host.
    El Santo was a singer.
    El Santo was a soccer player.
  • Q6
    What year did el Santo die?
    El Santo died in 1993.
    El Santo died in 2001.
    El Santo died in 1981.
    El Santo died in 1984.
  • Q7
    In what Mexican state was El Santo born in?
    Hidalgo, Mexico
    Michoacan, Mexico
    Guanajuato, Mexico
    Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Q8
    What color was El Santo's mask?
    His mask was orange.
    His mask was silver.
    His mask was blue.
    His mask was green.
  • Q9
    Who was Chavela Vargas?
    She was a painter.
    She was the wife of a politician.
    She was a singer.
    She was a politician.
  • Q10
    When did Chavela record her version of la Llorona?
    Chavela recorded it in 1980's
    Chavela recorded it in 1990's
    Chavela recorded it in 1960's
    Chavela recorded it in 1970's
  • Q11
    What country was Chavela born in?
    Chavela was born in Mexico.
    Chavela was born in Paraguay.
    Chavela was born in Guatemala.
    Chavela was born in Costa Rica.
  • Q12
    Who was Chavela Vargas friend with?
    She was a friend of Diego Rivera.
    She was a friend of Jorge Negrete.
    She was a friend of El Santo.
    She was a friend of Pedro Infante.
  • Q13
    Chavela was famous for always having what?
    Chavela always had a wig.
    Chavela always had a sombrero.
    Chavela always had a mask.
    Chavela always had a poncho.
  • Q14
    What city inspired the land of the dead?
    It was inspired by Guanuajato.
    It was inspired by Morelia.
    It was inspired by Tijuana.
    It was inspired by Puebla.
  • Q15
    What famous museam is located in Guanajuato?
    The Museo de las Momias.
    The Museo de Lucha Libre
    The Museo de los Tiburones
    The Museo de los Aztecas

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