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Cognitive Development: Adolescence and Intelligence

Quiz by Cynthia Ho

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    At the Concrete-Operational Stage, children are able to...
    think more logically
    master deductive reasoning
    master IQ tests
  • Q2
    At the formal operational stage, adolescents tend to...
    challenge norms
    all of the above
    question authority
    reach logical conclusions
  • Q3
    If Spearman's g indicates one's general ability, s indicates one's _______
    specific mental ability
    specific mental age
    specific IQ test score
  • Q4
    Crystallized intelligence is the ability to solve abstract problems that are not taught in school.
  • Q5
    The three components of Sternberg's Triarchic Theory DOES NOT include:
    creative intelligence
    fluid intelligence
    practical intelligence
    analytic intelligence
  • Q6
    Which TWO tests did the class try today?
    Spearman-Binet, Weschler
    Stanford-Binet, Wesley
    Stanford-Binet, Sternberg
    Stanford-Binet, Weschler
  • Q7
    IQ of 120 means that the individual has...
    above average intelligence for one's chronological age
    average intelligence for one's chronological age
    below intelligence for one's chronological age
  • Q8
    McCall reported that IQ scores....
    fluctuate across the lifespan
    stay relatively the same across the lifespan
    tends to resemble parents' scores
  • Q9
    Psychologists accuse that IQ tests have a...
    working class, American bias
    middle class, American bias
    middle class, Western bias
    working class, Western bias

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