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  • Q1

    Which of the following is a correct statement?

    High-information feedback includes elements of corrective feedback and additionally provides insights into self-regulation by monitoring attention, emotions, or motivation.

    Reinforcement/Punishment feedback focuses on providing detailed instructions on how to improve task performance and self-regulation.

    Corrective feedback typically includes information about task completion in the form of “right or wrong” answers and does not provide any information on self-regulation.

    High-information feedback consists only of information on the result of a task without giving any insights into the process of performing the skill.

  • Q2

    Consider the following scenarios in an educational setting. Based on the text's discussion of feedback and its impact on motivation, which scenario is most likely to lead to negative effects on a student's intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy?

    After a math test, a student receives a simple grade with no further explanation or insights into the areas they excelled in or struggled with.

    A teacher provides detailed feedback on a student's essay, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement, and offers strategies for enhancement.

    In a science project, students are given the freedom to explore topics of their interest and receive guidance and constructive feedback throughout the process.

    A music instructor praises a student's progress consistently and provides specific advice on how to improve certain techniques.

  • Q3

    Explain by your own words how would you do the meta-analysis.

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  • Q4

    Is the feedback more effective for cognitive and physical outcome measures than for motivational and behavioral criteria?

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  • Q5

    Would you use schemata in Cognitivism for teaching? If yes, explain why, if not, explain why you would not use it.

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  • Q6

    What would you expect to be the results of Bandura's study on the Bobo Dolls Experiment?

    Boys show more aggressive behavior than girls.

    Aggressive live models provoke more aggressive acts than films and cartoons.

    Male models produce more aggressive imitative responses of boys than female models.
    Kids who observed the aggressive model produce more aggressive responses than those who did not observe such model.

    If adults are rewarded for hitting the doll, kids will more frequently imitate the behavior than when adults are not rewarded.

    When kids are being asked to and rewarded they will produce imitative responses regardless of the movie ending.

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