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Cold War/Civil Rights Review!!

Quiz by Krista Ford

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59 questions
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  • Q1

    What was the purpose of CONTAINMENT?

    Question Image

    To encourage the spread of socialism. 

    To stop the spread of democracy. 

    To encourage the spread of communism. 

    To stop the spread of communism. 

  • Q2

    What was the purpose of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

    Question Image

    Gave the President UNLIMITED powers to protect South Vietnam. 

    Gave the President LIMITED powers in war. 

    Withdrew all US troops from Vietnam. 

    Gave the President UNLIMITED powers to protect South Korea. 

  • Q3

    What prompted Congress to pass the War Powers Resolution?

    Question Image

    Decisions made by the Legislative Branch during the Vietnam War. 

    US action in the Korean War. 

    Decisions made by the Judicial Branch during the Vietnam War. 

    Decisions made b the Executive Branch during the Vietnam War. 

  • Q4

    Which of the following is most characteristic of the Cold War?

    Question Image

    Failing businesses and economic decline. 

    The expansion of borders by imperialist countries. 

    The growth of nuclear weapons between the US and the USSR. 

    The expansion of big business and government corruption. 

  • Q5

    Which term was used to describe the perception of a discrepancy between public statements and actual policies?

    Question Image

    Peace Through Strength. 

    Collapse of the Berlin Wall. 

    Credibility Gap. 

    Living-Room War. 

  • Q6

    President JFK responded to reports that the USSR was constructing missile sites in Cuba by - 

    Question Image

    Ordering a naval blockade of Cuba. 

    Seeking United Nations approval for sanctions against Cuba. 

    Authorizing military strikes on strategic targets in Cuba. 

    Placing even more missiles in Cuba. 

  • Q7

    The DOMINO THEORY was the belief that intervention was necessary to prevent - 

    Question Image

    The expansion of communism across Southeast Asia. 

    The rise of China as a dominant economic power. 

    The loss of United Nations military bases in Asia. 

    The inclusion of Taiwan in the Warsaw Pact. 

  • Q8

    Which of the following was a direct result of the 1957 launch of Sputnik?

    Question Image

    The US  began a period of technology sharing with the USSR. 

    The US government founded an agency dedicated to space exploration. 

    The USSR was unable to collect images of the US from space. 

    The US was never able to catch up to the USSR in the Space Race 

  • Q9

    What was the purpose of Vietnamization?

    Question Image

    US was able to win the Korean War. 

    Give more military aid to the North Vietnamese. 

    US kept their troops and won the Vietnam War. 

    Withdraw US troops from Vietnam and give more responsibility/training to the South Vietnamese. 

  • Q10

    The program being promoted by this poster was created to - 

    Question Image

    Ensure proper schooling for army officers. 

    Assist soldiers (Education) when they returned to civilian life. 

    Provide incentives to enlist in the military. 

    Encourage recruits to view the military as a career. 

  • Q11

    Which of these is an effect that rock'n' roll had on society in the US in the 1950's?

    Question Image

    It increased the fear of communist expansion. 

    It reminded people of the pre war days. 

    It contributed to a cultural divide between generations. 

    It promoted values learned during times of economic hardship. 

  • Q12

    Why did the US want the Soviet Union to remove its nuclear weapons from Cuba?

    Question Image

    It wanted to protect Cuba from Communism. 

    It was protecting nearby countries in Central America. 

    Cuba is so close to the US border. 

    The US did not have any missiles of its own. 

  • Q13

    Which of the following resulted from McCarthyism during the 1950s?

    Question Image

    US officials began to show dissenting political viewpoints. 

    US citizens were arrested for being suspected communists. 

    Membership in the US Communist Party increased. 

    Recruitment procedures for the US military branches were reformed. 

  • Q14

    As a result of the Berlin Airlift, the US was able to - 

    Question Image

    Intimidate Soviet leaders by showing superior military power. 

    Prevent the Nazi Party from reorganizing. 

    Bypass a Soviet blockade without provoking a military conflict. 

    Transport Polish refugees to safety. 

  • Q15

    How were the Vietnam and Korean War similar to each other?

    Question Image

    Both involved countries becoming united under one rule. 

    Both were examples of wars where nuclear weapons were used. 

    Both consisted of the US fighting the Soviets. 

    Fought to kept communism from taking over a non communist country. 


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