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College English Book 3 Unit 5

Quiz by Razvan Andrei

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9 questions
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  • Q1

    Short conversation 1: What is the man's advice for the woman?

    She should keep shut until a better job is available.

    She should urge her boss to keep the promise.

    She should talk about the promotion with her boss.

    She should quit her job to get a better one.

  • Q2

    Short conversation 2: What does the woman imply?

    The man is responsible for his family.

    She can't understand the man's point of view.

    The man should earn the bread.

    She can't agree more with the man.

  • Q3

    Short conversation 3: What does Mrs. Smith imply?

    She regrets having done a lot for the man's career.

    The man is ungrateful in deciding to leave.

    The man has a good reason to decide to leave.

    She asks the man to pay back the money spent on him.

  • Q4

    Short conversation 4: What does the man mean?

    He will finish his report soon.

    He cannot afford to have a coffee break.

    He will stop to enjoy a coffee break.

    He has to sit at the computer for half an hour.

  • Q5

    Short conversation 5: What can we learn about Jane from the conversation?

    She wasn't satisfied with her salary.

    She was just telling a joke about quitting her job.

    She was to quit her job and look for an accounting job.

    She was fed up with counting money at her job.

  • Q6

    Long conversation, question 1: What is the man complaining about?

    Having to pay his rent immediately.

    Graduating from college without his own business.

    Awful job, hot weather and working outside.

    Having no ice-cold lemon juice to ease the heat.

  • Q7

    Long conversation, question 2: What does the man dream of being?

    A professional dancer.

    A self-made millionaire.

    A gardener.

    A senior clerk.

  • Q8

    Long conversation, question 3: What is the woman's attitude toward the man's dream?





  • Q9

    Long conversation, question 4: What does the woman dream of doing?

    Working as a gardener.

    Playing video games for a living.

    Becoming a pilot.

    Becoming a ballroom dancer.


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