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College Vocabulary

Quiz by Cady Mounts

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31 questions
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  • Q1
    When a student is failing or falling behind, they are put on this in order to track their progress. If progress is not made within a certain time, students maybe expelled for their lack of improvement. In some colleges, certain freshman who are accepted are placed under this.
    Academic Probation
  • Q2
    A person who has graduated from an institution
  • Q3
    When a student inquires about their progress in college, they complete this. Students receive a transcript to decide what classes and how long they have until they reach graduation.
  • Q4
    This is earned in approximately two years. Typically, students earn this degree at a Community College. It takes about 60 credits to earn this.
    Associate's Degree
  • Q5
    This is earned at a university. Typically, it takes students four years to complete this. It takes about 120 credits to earn this.
    Bachelor's Degree
  • Q6
    College Level Examination Program; Students take certain exams in order to test out of lower level classes. This type of testing allows student to earn credit for the course, which allows them to avoid taking it in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Q7
    A person who travels to and from college; it is beneficial, because students can save money on room and board.
  • Q8
    Students can certificates and Associate's Degrees here. Typically, students transfer from these locations or enter the workforce early. Students can also attend trade programs at these locations. This type of institution provides a much lower tuition rate.
    Community College
  • Q9
    When a student procrastinates and waits until the last minute to study or complete an assignment; this typically takes place the night before the test or work is due
  • Q10
    The collection of subjects needed in order to complete a program or area of study
  • Q11
    The amount of time spent inside a classroom learning per week
    Credit Hour
  • Q12
    When a student decides to exit a class due to various circumstances; students will still have a college schedule, but the schedule will be less strenuous due to the exited class
    Drop (a class)
  • Q13
    When a student enrolls in multiple institutions at one time in order to take a certain class, usually to cut cost or to meet credit requirements
    Dual Enrollment
  • Q14
    A break from high school to college or a break from year to year
    Gap Year
  • Q15
    Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act; Federal legislation that protects the rights of students; meaning, all college students are the only people that are able to access their data and information about school

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