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Colloquial language, jargon and slang

Quiz by Nosisa

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    What does the slang term 'lit' mean?
    Boring or dull
    Exciting or amazing
    Small or insignificant
    Aggressive or angry
  • Q2
    What does the term 'on fleek' mean?
    Outdated or unfashionable
    Clumsy or uncoordinated
    Fashionable or perfectly groomed
    Unhappy or dissatisfied
  • Q3
    What does the phrase 'break a leg' mean?
    Bad luck
    Get some rest
    Good luck
  • Q4
    What does the slang term 'bae' stand for?
    Big and extraordinary
    Best friends forever
    Bad attitude energy
    Before anyone else
  • Q5
    What does the slang term 'YOLO' mean?
    Youthful and Lively Outlook
    You Only Live Once
    You Obviously Love Oreos
    You Overestimate Life's Obstacles
  • Q6
    What does the term 'throw shade' mean?
    To show appreciation
    To dance in the rain
    To give a compliment
    To insult or criticize someone indirectly
  • Q7
    What does the slang term 'savage' mean?
    Clever or intelligent
    Shy or timid
    Peaceful or harmonious
    Fearless or ruthless
  • Q8
    What does the slang term 'beef' mean?
    A disagreement or conflict
    Making fun of someone
    A dance move
    A type of meat
  • Q9
    What does the slang term 'lit' mean?
    Something exciting or amazing
    A type of literature
    A source of light
    Being intoxicated
  • Q10
    What does the slang term 'chill' mean?
    Working hard
    Relax or hang out in a calm manner
    Being scared or nervous
    A feeling of coldness
  • Q11
    What does the slang term 'dope' mean?
    A type of fabric
    A stupid person
    Cool or excellent
    Illegal drugs
  • Q12
    What does the slang term 'bae' mean?
    A famous actor
    A misspelling of 'bay'
    A type of bread
    An affectionate term for a romantic partner
  • Q13
    What does the slang term 'on fleek' mean?
    A sports term
    A type of insect
    Perfectly done or looking great
    Feeling tired or worn out
  • Q14
    What does the slang term 'woke' mean?
    Feeling sleepy or tired
    A type of dance move
    Being overly cautious
    Aware or knowledgeable about social issues
  • Q15
    What does the slang term 'savage' mean?
    An ancient tribe
    A type of animal
    A style of music
    Someone who is brutally honest or doesn't care about consequences

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