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Colonial America #2

Quiz by John Frieser

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    The Proclamation of 1763 was issued by Great Britain after the French and Indian War primarily to
    force French settlers to leave British territory
    limit conflict between Native American Indians and colonial settlers
    promote colonial settlement beyond the Appalachian Mountains
    encourage colonial economic ties with France
  • Q2
    During the early 1770s, how did the British government respond to increasing American protests of British colonial policy?
    It offered self-government to the colonists.
    It increased efforts to maintain order and enforce laws.
    It agreed to grant the colonies representation in Parliament.
    It asked France for help in controlling the colonists.
  • Q3
    Which heading best completes the partial outline below? I.____________________________________ 1. Stamp Act Congress 2. Boston Tea Party 3. First Continental Congress
    Colonial Attempts to End the British Policy of Salutary Neglect
    British Parliamentary Actions to Punish Colonial Americans
    Protests Against Slavery in the American Colonies
    Colonial Responses to British Mercantile Policies
  • Q4
    The major objection that British colonists in North America had to English rule was that they were
    denied the right to arm themselves for defense
    forced to farm crops ordered by England
    denied the rights of citizens who lived in England
    forced to settle wilderness areas
  • Q5
    Writs of assistance were documents that
    served as formal complaints that the colonists sent to the British government to show their displeasure with taxes
    customs officials used to search any ship or building that they suspected might hold smuggled goods.
    forced colonists to house and feed British soldiers
    allowed colonists to search the belongings of British soldiers
  • Q6
    Which of the following events resulted in the death of five unarmed colonists at the hands of British soldiers?
    Boston Massacre
    The meeting of the First Continental Congress
    Boston Tea Party
    Battle of Lexington

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