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Columbian Exchange

Quiz by cathy wells

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Which country was the most powerful during the age of exploration?
    Question Image
  • Q2
    What were Spain's main motivations for wanting to come to the New World?
    Question Image
    becoming famous
    gold, getting new land, spreading Christianity
    learning new skills from the Native Americans
    fur and trade
  • Q3
    Which continents are part of the New World?
    Question Image
    Australia and Antarctica
    Europe and Africa
    North and South America
  • Q4
    Which continents are part of the Old World?
    Question Image
    North and South America
    Carbondale and Denver
    Europe, Africa & Asia
    Australia and Antarctica
  • Q5
    How did France treat the Native Americans in the 1500-1700s?
    Question Image
    they tried to be business partners and friends with them
    they tried to conquer them
    they wanted to steal all their gold
    they wanted to spread Christianity
  • Q6
    What were the main negative consequences of the Columbian Exchange?
    Question Image
    spread of diseases, mostly to the Native Americans
    taking land away from Native Americans
    slavery of Native Americans and Africans
    all of the above
  • Q7
    What were the positive consequences of the Columbian Exchange?
    Question Image
    good trades and the exchange of needed resources
    all of the above
    healthier diets for everyone
    exchanging ideas and finding new land for Europeans
  • Q8
    Who is a European?
    People who came from Europe (the Spanish, the French, the English, etc.)
    only people who live in England
    Native Americans
    People who like rope

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