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Comeback Creatures

Quiz by Mrs. Santiesteban

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a synonym for endangered?
    at risk
  • Q2
    Speed limits in waters where Florida manatees live have decreased the number of manatees struck by boats. Which statement best explains why this happened?
    Manatees don’t mind swimming with slowmoving boats.
    Fast boats are louder than slow boats.
    When boaters go slower, manatees have time to avoid the boats.
    Boats aren’t in Florida waters anymore.
  • Q3
    In the late 1980s, researchers found 12 New Forest burnets, the last of their kind known to exist in Great Britain. This insect is an example of ________.
    an extinct animal
    an endangered animal
    a breeding animal
    a captive animal
  • Q4
    The population of the blue iguana was once 25 individuals and is now 750 individuals. Therefore, the population ________.
    stayed the same
  • Q5
    U.S. farmers once used DDT to kill insects. What were the insects most likely doing
    caring away birds and deer
    eating crops that the farmers grow
    helping to pollinate the crops
    not affecting the crops that the farmers grow
  • Q6
    Poachers illegally hunt rhinos to remove and sell their ________.
  • Q7
    Conservationists have transported many southern white rhinos to “remote areas.” What does remote mean as it is used in this phrase
    next to you
  • Q8
    Which of the following is an example of an organism in its habitat
    A fly in your bedroom
    A flower on a windowsill.
    A fish in an aquarium.
    A tree in a forest.
  • Q9
    Which sentence from the article shows a causeand-effect relationship?
    “Blue iguanas live in just one place: the island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.
    “The good news is many people are also trying to help animals.”
    “The most recent count found more than 8,800 Florida manatees!
    “When eagles ate animals that had eaten DDT, the chemical weakened their eggshells.
  • Q10
    Which would make the best alternate title for this article?
    “How to Save a Rhino”
    “Tales of Animal Extinction”
    “Why We Need Manatees”
    "Animal Success Stories”

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