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Commas with Compound Sentences

Quiz by Katie Anderson

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    My mother and father arrive on time but we had to wait for the other relatives.
    add comma after father
    no comma needed
    add comm after mother
    add comma after time
  • Q2
    Our family traveled to Canada last summer and hopes to visit Europe next year.
    no comma needed
    add comma after traveled
    add comma after Europe
    add comma after summer
  • Q3
    Leslie will graduate from high school this year and several friends will graduate with her.
    add comma after year
    add comma after graduate
    no comma needed
    add comma after friends
  • Q4
    The customers want their merchandise delivered today or they plan to cancel their orders.
    no comma needed
    add comma after delivered
    add comma after today
    add comma after want
  • Q5
    We want to do some shopping and then go to a movie.
    add comma after shopping
    no comma needed
    add comma after go
    add comma after want
  • Q6
    Our car needs a complete tune-up because it's been six months since it had one.
    no comma needed
    add comma after needs
    add comma after months
    add comma after tune-up
  • Q7
    We didn't want their assistance but we will accept it in the future.
    no comma needed
    add comma after accept
    add comma after want
    add comma after assistance
  • Q8
    The meeting promises to be dramatic and exciting so you should join us tonight.
    add comma after should
    add comma after dramatic
    add comma after exciting
    no comma needed

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