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Common Issues in User Interface Design

Quiz by Tengku Zatul Hidayah

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  • Q1
    What is a common mistake when designing a user interface?
    Using too few colors
    Providing too many navigation options
    Including too many images
    Cluttering the interface with too much information
  • Q2
    Why is consistency important when designing user interface?
    To provide a familiar and predictable experience for users
    To experiment with different styles
    To confuse and frustrate users
    To showcase creativity
  • Q3
    Why is it not advisable to rely solely on a web developer for user interface design?
    The web developer may not have the necessary design skills.
    The web developer may not have enough time to focus on design.
    The web developer may not have a good understanding of user experience.
    The web developer may not have access to the required design tools.
  • Q4
    Why is relying on intuition and experience for user interface design not recommended?
    It does not look visually appealing.
    It is too complex for users to understand.
    It may not meet the needs of all users.
    It is time-consuming to implement.
  • Q5
    What is usability in user interface?
    The security features of a user interface.
    The ease of use and learnability of a user interface.
    The speed and performance of a user interface.
    The visual appeal of a user interface.
  • Q6
    Why is usability important when designing the user interface?
    It enhances user satisfaction and productivity.
    It increases the cost of development.
    It has no impact on user experience.
    It adds unnecessary complexity to the system.

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