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  • Q1
    A boy kicks the ball out of the park. (choose the common nouns)
    A, boy, ball
    boy, ball, park
    kicks, ball, park
    boy, ball, out
  • Q2
    The boys are swimming in the pool. (choose the common nouns)
    The, are
    boys, swimming, pool
    boys, pool
  • Q3
    Firas bought a kitten for her sister, Nurul. (choose the common nouns)
    kitten, sister
    sister, Nurul
    Firas, Nurul
  • Q4
    Athirah baked a scrumptious cake in the kitchen. (choose the common nouns)
    Athirah, scrumptious
    cake, kitchen
    Athirah, cake, kitchen
  • Q5
    My father is reading newspaper at the room. (choose the common nouns)
    father, newspaper
    father, newspaper, room
    My, father
    reading, newspaper
  • Q6
    En. Hanif rears cows, sheep, and goats at his farm in Kedah. (choose the common nouns)
    cows, sheep, goats, farm
    En.Hanif, cows, farm
    cows, sheep, goats, farm, Kedah
    cows, sheep, goats
  • Q7
    Nizar went to the shop to buy few eggs, a packet of flour, and few pandan leaves. (choose the common nouns)
    shop,eggs, flour, leaves
    shop,eggs, flour
    Nizar, shop, pandan
    shop, eggs
  • Q8
    My mother told me to take care my pencil and eraser when doing activity in the classroom. (choose the common nouns)
    mother, pencil, eraser, classroom
    mother, pencil, eraser
    My, mother, me
    told, take care
  • Q9
    The children are going to the canteen to have some snacks. (choose the common nouns)
    children, canteen, snacks
    children, going, canteen, snacks
    The, children, going
    children, canteen, snack
  • Q10
    Syifa is playing at the field with his brother, Halim. (choose the common nouns)
    field, brother
    playing, field
    Syifa, Halim
    Syifa, brother, Halim

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