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Communicable Diseases

Quiz by Aloka Halangoda

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12 questions
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  • Q1

    What is Health ?

    The status of being physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially well

    The absence of diseases and illnesses 

  • Q2

    What is a communicable disease?

    Question Image

    A disease that is not spread from either person to person or species to species 

    A disease that is spread from person to person or species to species 

    Any disease that cannot be cured 

    A cancer 

  • Q3

    Is it possible for diseases to be passed from one species to another?

    Not possible 

    Yes, they can 

  • Q4

    How do bacteria make you ill?

    Dividing rapidly and releasing toxins

    Living inside your cells

  • Q5

    How do viruses spread? 

    Living inside your cells and forcing body cells to produce copies of themselves.

    Interrupting  main organs responsible for regular functions inside the body 

  • Q6

    Why do we experience symptoms when we get infected by diseases?

    Because our bodies are fighting off the pathogen

    Because of the actions taken by the micro-organisms 

  • Q7

    What is a painkiller? 

    A drug or medicine that cures you 

    A drug or medicine that kills pathogens

    A drug or medicine used for relieving pain.

  • Q8

    What is a vaccination?

    Introducing weakened/dead versions of a pathogen into the body

    Making a certain person immune to a certain disease in order to prevent it 

  • Q9

    Where are drugs for the future possible to come from?

    Plants and Herbs 

    Microorganisms in the soil

  • Q10

    How do microorganisms causing diseases spread?

    Through direct contact  

    Through air 

    Through Blood 

    All of them 

  • Q11

    How can we minimize the spread of pathogens?

    All of them 

    Isolating infected individuals


    Proper hygiene 

  • Q12

    What is referred to as immunity? 

    The ability to resist a particular infection

    Being vaccinated and free of diseases 


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