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Communicable diseases Part2(Test 7)

Quiz by suraj kapoor

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70 questions
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  • Q1

    26 year old pregnant lady wants to visit yellow fever Endemic country .Identify the incorrect statement

    All travellers passing through endemic zones must have a vaccination certificate

    She should be given the vaccine

    All live vaccines are contraindicated in pregnancy except yellow fever vaccine

    Yellow fever vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy

  • Q2

    Identify the incorrect statement regarding yellow fever

    A traveller without valid international certification of vaccination is placed on quarantine in a mosquito proof ward for 6 days

    The name is derived from yellow quarantine flags used in ships during 17 th century to warn the presence , on board of this infection 

    Incubation period is 3-6 days 

    Human- mosquito- Human is a sylvan cycle

  • Q3

    Incorrect about prevention in Yellow fever

    Yellow fever comes under international health regulations

    Use of repellents , mosquito nets during night time 

    Aedes aegypti index should be less than 1 near seaports and air ports

    All the statements are correct

  • Q4

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Question Image

    It does not show open vial policy

    Severe egg allergy is a contraindication

    Cholera and yellow fever vaccine should never be given simultaneously

    Contraindicated in children less than 5 years

  • Q5

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Question Image

    Small pox has centripetal distribution

    In small pox scab starts forming after 10-14 days while in chicken pox it appears after 4-7 days

    In chicken pox temperature rises with each fresh crop of rash

    Chicken pox has pleomorphic rash

  • Q6

    Mark the incorrect match regarding period of communicability

    Mumps -4 -6days before and 7-10 days after onset of symptoms

    Measles-4 days before and 4-5 days after appearance of rash

    Chicken pox -5 days before and 4 days after appearance of rash

    Rubella- 7 days before and 7 days after fading of rash

  • Q7

    Mark the incorrect match about incubation period

    Mumps-2-4 weeks

    Chicken Pox-14- 16 days

    Measles-10-14 days

    Rubella- 1 week

  • Q8

    Incorrect match about Secondary attack rate

    Chicken Pox -70%




  • Q9

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Quarantine is the primary level of prevention

    All the statements are correct

    Secondary attack rate signifies period of communicability

    Isolation is done for maximum incubation period

  • Q10

    The phenomenon is shown by

    Question Image





  • Q11

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Congenital varicella syndrome includes low weight , skin scarring , eye and neurological problems

    All the statements are correct

    EYE strategy is elimination of yellow fever epidemic by 2026 

    Small pox eradicated globally on 1977

  • Q12

    Mental deterioration leading to paralysis , involuntary movements , muscle rigidity , coma , a rare but fatal complication of which disease




    Chicken pox

  • Q13

    Mark the incorrect statement about the disease with pathognomonic feature shown

    Question Image

    Disease shows a cyclical trend of 8-10 years

    Maculo- papular rash appears behind the ears and spread rapidly in few hours in face and neck

    Dawson encephalitis is the rare complication

    Pathognomonic signs appear 1-2 days before appearance of rash

  • Q14

    Mark the incorrect statement

    Question Image

    Edmonston Zagreb strain 

    Delayed immunization can be given till 5 years

    Diluent is Normal saline

    Measle vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy

  • Q15

    Mark the incorrect match

    Measles strategic plan targets 95% vaccination coverage and 95% reduction in mortality

    Follow up- preschool children every 4 years

    Catch up-Maintaining 95%of each newborn at 12 months of age

    All the statements are correct


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