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Comparative Anatomy Quiz

Quiz by Glen Smith

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What does the image represent?
    Question Image
    Homologous Structures
    Analogous Structures
    Vestigial Structures
  • Q2
    The pelvis in this whale would be which type of structure?
    Question Image
    Homologous structure
    Vestigial structure
    Analogous structure
  • Q3
    What does this image represent?
    Question Image
    Vestigial structures
    Analogous structures
    Homologous structures
  • Q4
    In the image what does "A" represent?
    Question Image
    Analogous Structures
    Divergent Evolution
    Vestigial Structures
  • Q5
    In the image what does "B" represent?
    Question Image
    Divergent Evolution
    Analogous structures
    Vestigial structures
  • Q6
    The human appendix is an organ that has lost its function. The appendix would be considered which type of structure?
  • Q7
    A wing and a cat paw have different functions but similar bones and development. Which term bestdescribes the bat wing and cat paw?
    Homologous structures
    Genealogical structures
  • Q8
    Which of these comparisons is correct?
    Analogous structures and convergent evolution
    Analogous structures and coevolution
    Divergent evolution and convergent evolution
    Analogous structures and coevolution
  • Q9
    The ostrich, a large flightless bird native to Africa, has wings but cannot fly. Choose the BEST explanation.
    The wings of the ostrich are considered an analogous structure since the structure is similar to the wings of a butterfly.
    The wings of the ostrich are considered a vestigial structure since the structure has lost its function or purpose.
    The wings of the ostrich are considered a homologous structure since the structure shows relatedness to the butterfly.
    All of the above
  • Q10
    Both the North American opossum and Australian kangaroo carry their young offspring in a pouch until they are fully developed. The fact that these organisms have similar structures suggests which of the following?
    Question Image
    They are the same species.
    Their pouches are analogous structures because these animals are from different continents and could not be related.
    The opossum and kangaroo acquired the pouches out of a need to protect their young from predators.
    They are descended from a common ancestor
  • Q11
    Scientists may use fossil evidence to support the theory that domestic dogs are related to wolves. Which of the following would be considered the most valid evidence to support the argument that wolves and dogs descended from a common ancestor
    Question Image
    Anecdotal evidence of how dogs and wolves interact with each other in the wild.
    Mating patterns in dogs and wolves.
    DNA comparisons of dogs and wolves
    Examination of the niche that dogs and wolves fill in an ecosystem.
  • Q12
    The study of structures to provide evidence of evolution is called
    Embryological evidence
    Relative dating
    Comparative anatomy
    Biochemical evidence
  • Q13
    Which of these structures would be evidence of analogous structure?
    A shark and a leopard both have tails
    A cat and a dog both having similar morphology in their skeletons
    A german shepard dog and a chihuahua both having a common ancestor
  • Q14
    Which of these structures would be evidence of homologous structure?
    A mole cricket and a mole being able to dig holes
    The common housecat and the bobcat having thick fur
    A hawk and a dragonfly being able to fly
  • Q15
    Which of these is an example of a species?
    An owl living alone in a barn who will never mate because he is sterile
    A liger, who is a hybrid of a lion and a tiger that cannot breed
    A group of caribou living in Alaska that travel and breed together
    A group of different animals in a forest

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